Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Overcoming 'Mother Guilt' with a writing career

Share your Story

Writing for me is more than a hobby. I want to make it my career and I am well on  my way. I have just signed by 15th picture book contract and started my own company, Share Your Story, to help aspiring authors realise their dream of becoming published storytellers.

My goal this year is to be interviewed on radio and television about my writing.  The top reason is to increase brand awareness of Michelle Worthington - author. The second reason is to sell more books. The third reason is to get speaking engagements nationally at writers festivals and womens groups. The fourth reason is - because it would be so awesome!
Providing for my family and setting a good example for our kids is above other things why I want to be successful. Strangely enough, I wouldn't put this as my top reason for wanting to achieve this goal. When your goal is hard, and your dream is bigger than your comfort zone, can living a dream for someone else really be enough to keep you motivated? Is it so awful to want to achieve something just for yourself? Have we become so scared of being labelled 'selfish' and a 'bad mother' because we want to feel good about ourselves for something we alone have accomplished?  My kids love me and they want me to be happy, so does hubby. But, do they want the dream I have? Do they share my passion? The answer is no. Doing it for them is not enough. I have to do it for myself. What other people think of me is a huge achievement-blocker that needs to be overcome because when my goal becomes difficult to reach, it will be easy to stop and justify failure by saying it didn't turn out to be the right thing for my family and I will listen to the million reasons why I shouldn't keep trying. What if it was the right thing for me and I just gave in because it meant my family would have had to make some changes and sacrifices for me to achieve it? My goal is my salvation. When I do achieve my goals this year, with the love and support of my family, it will something I have done for myself and I want to be proud of that.