Monday 25 October 2021

Review Crew Holly: Sass and Traz Save the Library


“Sass and Traz Save the Library”

Written by Michelle Worthington

Book review by Holly, 7 years old


Holly’s summary:

Sass and Traz are twins, one is a boy and one is a girl. They like reading together in the town library each day. Ms Burns is the librarian and she is so nice to the kids.

But one day when Sass and Traz entered the library, Ms Burns was in tears!

She told them the library was going to be destroyed by the mayor of the town because he wanted to put a carpark there instead!

Sass wanted to help Ms Burns so she went into the library basement to look for boxes.

She accidentally leant on a metal drawer and she said the word “Pirate”.

Suddenly, the drawer opened and a card fell out and then out came three pirates! They said “Ahoy, ahoy!”

Soon after, three brave knights and a king appeared from the drawers!

Ms Burns was so shocked. She nearly fainted when a handsome knight called Sir Lancelot saved her from falling. She kept blushing because she had a huge crush on him!

Some more amazing characters appeared in the library, like a dragon and Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein tried to save the library when he told the mayor how special the library was to all the people in the town.

But the mayor ignored him!

The best part of the story was when the mayor accidentally made dinosaurs appear! He said that libraries are dinosaurs and then lots of dinosaurs started walking around the library.

One even bit the mayor!

The mayor was so scared that he ran out of the library and decided to not to destroy the library anymore.

Ms Burns and the twins were so happy that the library wouldn’t be destroyed. I think that they might have a big party to celebrate!


My favourite parts of the story:

When the dinosaur bit the mayor, I thought it was so hilarious.

But I especially loved the scene when Ms Burns fell in love with Sir Lancelot and she kept blushing.


Age recommendation:

I think kids aged 6 and older would love this book!

Holly’s rating:

I give this amazing book 10/10!


Final note:

I can’t wait for the next Sass and Traz book to be published! J