Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Glue that Binds: Auction for Ava 2013

Tina and I were friends from the minute we met. Not the kind of friends who live in each others pockets, but the one you call first when you have good news, or bad. We have both been through some tough times, together and seperately. We recognise the survivor in each other. When you have been shattered, and picked up the pieces and put yourself back together, the only glue that sticks is hope.  What I have learnt about the mothers of special needs kids is that they are also the wives of fathers of special needs kids, the mothers of children with specials needs siblings, the daughters of grandparents of special needs kids and so they contine to be glue that holds a whole family together. Through raising money via online auctions, raffles and donations for Tina's daughter Ava, who was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, it makes me feel like I can somehow add to an extra layer of glue that holds my best friend together. Tina is a woman of grace, kindness, compassion and strength and she has passed on all these traits to both her daughters. Ava is cheeky, patient  (except with her sister and when she is tired, like any other kid ) and smart and she deserves every opportunity to have a full and comfortable life. They have both taught me never to underestimate the significance of a single, simple act of giving.

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