Monday 25 June 2018

Tom and Mum's Book Review: Pug's Don't Wear Pyjamas

Michelle Worthington is an award winning author, international guest speaker and publishing coach, but the star of this show is Tom. Tom loves chocolate, cuddles and construction. 
He's also the smartest, most honest and best reviewer in the world.

Pugs Don't Wear Pyjamas is written by Michelle Worthington, illustrated by Cecilia Johannson, 
published by New Frontier Publishing.
When Tom visits his aunt he meets her pug Ellie.
Ellie is no ordinary pug. Wherever Tom's aunt goes, her pug must go too. His aunt dresses Ellie up for every outing.
Tom finds Ellie strange but she makes friends wherever she goes. Tom makes no friends.
He realises something has to change.