Friday, 6 September 2013

Cuppa and a Catch up with Guest Author - Nicola Connelly

Nicola Connelly - Young Australian Author

When did you start writing? 
I officially started writing a few years ago, however, only seriously starting putting my ideas on the page about a year ago.  

What is your favourite place and time to write? 
I write everywhere and anywhere. I write all my ideas in dropbox on my phone and later follow up these ideas on my computer.  

What writing groups do you belong to? 
I am currently a member of the Queensland Writing Centre and the Australian Society of Authors.  

Why did you/do you want to become an author? 
As a Primary School Teacher I’ve always loved reading stories especially rich children’s literature.  After reading multiple children’s books I started to think of stories that I would like to read to my children and began writing.  

What are you currently reading? 
Lots!! I have been reading lots of children’s books at the moment in class with a focus on cultural significance.  

Who are your favorite authors? 
I have lots of favourites.  Let’s think: Jackie French, Mem Fox, Pamela Allen, Michelle Worthington, Mo Willems, Anthony Browne, J.K Rowling and the list goes on. 

What is your current project? 
I have just recently signed the contract to my first children’s book to be published, called ‘My Dad is a Bear’, which will be released next year August/September just in time for Father’s Day 2014. 

Do you write with a visual image of the illustrations for your book 
I do write with images in mind. I believe that it is really the illustrations that tell the story and the words are guiding the story along.  I am always thinking of the illustrations and writing to them. 

If you could bring a fictional character to life, who would it be? 
WILLY WONKA! I would do anything to go to his chocolate factory.  

Where do you get your inspiration from? 
As a primary school teacher I get lots of inspiration from the kids that I work with. I also find inspiration from my family, especially my two young and active nephews.  

Do you/Would you do all the marketing of your books or do you/would you have someone supporting you in that role? 
I haven’t quite come across that stage yet in the process, I’d imagine that I would like to do a lot of marketing myself.  

What do you want your legacy to be? 
I want children to smile and laugh when they read my stories. I want to encourage children to enjoy reading and become lifelong readers. The value of reading to me is very important and I aim to instill this in children from a young age, through the experiences of reading them rich children’s literature. 


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