Friday 6 September 2013

Cuppa and a Catch Up with Guest Author - Jaquelyn Muller

Jaquelyn Muller - Author of I Love You 5 Lollipops

When did you start writing? 
I have been daydreaming for years, but documenting them for about 4. 

What is your favourite place and time to write? 
Whenever and wherever I can.  You can imagine the perplexed looks I receive when I am tapping away in my car out the front of my daughter’s dance studio. I am sure people must think I am on a stakeout. How exciting! 

What writing groups do you belong to? 
I currently don’t, I run my own business and like most mums I am constantly under a mountain of cupcake mix and paperwork. I love the idea of doing weekend-long writing retreats. It would be wonderful to be somewhere peaceful and secluded so I can write about how guilty I feel about being somewhere peaceful and secluded. 

Why did you/do you want to become an author? 
Because my family were sick of my singing! 

What are you currently reading? 
‘Profiles in Courage’ by John F. Kennedy. Written before he became President, it is an analysis of 8 Senators from American history that JFK felt displayed particular courage in their actions to do what they thought was right, despite heavy ridicule and alienation from their colleagues, family and friends….. Not too different from how some people celebrate Christmas! 

Who are your favorite authors? 
I don’t tend to have favourites. I love any book that leaves me appreciative of the time I spent with the characters regardless of who writes it. However, if I had to pick an author merely because I have read more of their work than anyone else’s, it would have to be Jane Austen. The language and her ability to communicate such rich characters in a time of such rigidity was sublime. And who doesn’t love a corset? 

What is your current project? 
There is the next book in the series of ‘I Love You 5 Lollipops’ with the central character, Elizabeth Rose. You’ll meet more characters from the circus with the timeless vintage feel created in the first book. The other picture book is for mid-primary readers and will be a little edgier. I am very excited about both projects; it will be a race to see which launches first! 
I am also working with the early literacy program, Let’s Read. They are a community based program designed to educate families and communities on the importance of reading to children from birth using a variety of strategies. Lots of fabulous tools and resources can be found on their site  

Do you write with a visual image of the illustrations for your book 
Despite being completely talentless in the drawing department I do see images as I writeAs the tone of the story, characters and setting developsa colour palate starts to form. I create mood boards for stories which allows me to share the vision with my creative partners.  

If you could bring a fictional character to life, who would it be? 
The Cat in the Hat…..and he can bring Thing 1 and Thing 2 with him! 

Where do you get your inspiration from? 
My girls inspire me every day and through that I observe and listen as much as I can for clues that will set me off. Mind you, this is unlikely in the morning while I am trying to shepherd everyone out the door with school bags flying and the dog going off. Usually all I am seeing at this point is a double espresso with my name on it! 

Do you/Would you do all the marketing of your books or do you/would you have someone supporting you in that role? 
I do all the marketing myself which I really enjoy, however it does take up a lot of time My girls love helping out. They love making launch party decorations, activity sheets and putting together press packs. It really is a family endeavor! 

What do you want your legacy to be? 
That as a singer, I made a better writer.
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