Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Social Media Marketing and Purpose

This resonates with me on so many levels. First of all, as an author, you have to work. Nothing comes easy in this life and your passion must be proportionate to the size of your goal. I am not afraid of hard work. Secondly, keep working until you make it happen. It might be a long hard slog and there will be times you want to give up, but your tenacity must be stronger than your self-doubt.

Social media helps me reach people who I can't personally share my stories with. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to reach people all over the world and inspire  kids of all abilities with my passion for books and the power of words. Social media is very much like all other types of technological advancements. Used the right way, it can bring great benefit and happiness to people but when taken advantage of for self serving purposes, it can be damaging on so many levels. Users need to take personal responsibility for how they use social media. Authors need to be aware of the ways to use it correctly to send their message globally.

Finally, to be known as an expert in your field. Some people may mistake my goal of brand recognition as vanity or showmanship but I can't help people if they don't know who I am. I can't share my story with them, inspire them or make a difference in this world. I can promise you that as long as I see a need, I will try and fill it. It is my duty, not only to myself, but to my children and my community to increase the greater good. This year, I will work hard so that when people hear my name, they will smile

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