Friday 18 November 2016

Making the Most of an Author Facebook Fan Page

Creating a Facebook fan page is an amazing way to promote your book, build awareness for your message, gather support for your book launch, or to advertise in a number of other ways. Creating a Facebook Fan page helps in building a following in no time at all. 

1. Ask fans to post their reviews of your book on your Facebook page

When fans post on a Facebook fan page, they do it in the same way they would post on your personal profile, commenting by typing in the text boxes and pressing "Enter" to display their comment. You can then engage with fans by commenting on their posts, so they are seen by more than the people within your own following.

2. Target who sees your posts

The truly amazing thing about Facebook advertising is that you can target your demographic. This will impact the number of people who will see the advert and also how much it will cost you. You need to decide on country, city, gender, age range, likes and dislikes and you can go down into further splits. As you change the demographics, you’ll see how many people the advert could be shown too. The more specific you can be, the better your chances an ad will have an impact.

3. Engage with your fans

The key to a successful Facebook page is to consistently update your page. You can decide on the frequency – at a minimum you want to post something new once a week. Your posts can be simple: something that inspired you (a picture, a quote, an interaction); an upcoming event you are holding; an update on the new book you are writing; a news article that you found interesting. Being consistent is more important than posting for the sake of posting. Think about what you are trying to achieve with each post.

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