Sunday 31 January 2021

Understanding the sensory aspect of books for children with ASD

It can be frustrating to get kids engaged in reading and even harder for children on the spectrum. As a children’s author, here’s my best tips: Don’t attempt to read books at bedtime when they’re tired and cranky. Find a time that works best for them. Choose sensory friendly books with lots of white space and engaging stories or subjects they’re familiar with. Getting them to look at the pictures first before reading will foster discussion and interaction. Allow fidgety behaviour and if they can’t sit still, walk around while reading. Let them touch the book before you start and be slow and deliberate when turning pages. Keep your voice low and calm, adding facial expressions and repetitive head movements as you read the same book again the next day. This process may have to be repeated many times but don’t give up. The reward is well worth the effort.

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